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In the course of helping CEOs create and powerfully communicate their plans to boards, potential investors and potential buyers of their businesses, I have created a large number of business and planning models.  Here are a few.  Feel free to download and share them with others with my copyright information included. If you would like my help to conduct one or more of the exercises related to these models in your business I welcome your message here.   Your email address will always be kept private.


Exceptional SWOT - Not Your Average SWOT Analysis

This is a significantly upgraded SWOT format that incorporates other models to improve analysis, action planning and follow-up. Additionally, I have included a dynamic bubble chart to visually communicate the issues and actions across 4 dimensions: importance, urgency, ability to influence and type (i.e. SWOT).  You can download a PDF format article that provides detailed instructions and rationale, and an MS Excel worksheet that contains the SWOT template and bubble chart.







Sales Funnel

This worksheet contains two types of charts with supporting data tables which provide an attractive looking snapshot of your sales funnel at a point in time.  If you wish to set yourself apart in your finance and M&A discussions, then succinctly analyze and present how deals have moved through the funnel over time.  This also requires the disciplined use of a CRM by your sales team.  I can help you with this if needed. Download the worksheet by clicking here now! 







Competitive Positioning With Bubble Chart

This worksheet contains a data input area in which to categorize competitors based on 4 variables that can be changed.  In this case: type, threat (of directly taking sales), scaleability/adaptability, and stage of development.  Competitors and their relative positions are automatically and dynamically illustrated on a 4 variable bubble chart. 





Competitive Positioning With Moving Bubble Chart

Similar to the worksheet above.  In addition, data for the variables can be entered for 4 different periods (e.g. quarters, years).  A button can then be pressed or a slide bar moved to show, on a bubble chart, movement of the competitors relative to the variables over time. Note this file is an Excel .xlsm file format which requires macros to be enabled for the the motion to work.


Sales Prospect Checklist

This checklist in MS Word format is used to qualify and prioritize business-to-business sales opportunities with prospective customers and with partners.  It can also serve as a script for discussions with other parties where appropriate to describe or discuss the company's products and services. It addresses the following four major criteria with sub-items under each: Need/desire, money, authority and fit.






Due Diligence Checklist For Sale Or Purchase Of A Business

This checklist in MS Word format can be used to prepare the required due diligence documents in the process of selling a business.  It can also be used to organize the documents, using a virtual data room, to facilitate the most effective sales and negotiation process.  For someone buying a business, this checklist can serve to guide requests for information from and set expectations with the seller.





What You Need To Know To Sell Your Business On Exceptional Terms

This article provides high-level insights into the key execution points associated with selling a business: 1. Preparation; 2. Sale process; 3. Letter of intent; 4. Purchase agreement; 5. Closing, 6. Business integration.





Dynamic Product Roadmap

This is a visual 18-month product roadmap in an Excel dashboard format.  It contains timelines for product development initiatives, related marketing programs, and KPI's. Importantly, the timelines and labels are dynamically linked and updated using VBA macros from a separate source datasheet.




Weekly Status-Goal Format

A simple weekly check-in to manage employees, that the employee drives, and that both you and your employees will love. This worksheet in Word format accompanies my blog article titled "You Can Do Away With Painful Annual Performance Reviews If You Follow This Simple Process"








The Excel file format .xlsm that enables macros is not compatible with this website app.  If you'd like a copy please message me here



The Excel file format .xlsm that enables macros is not compatible with this website app.  If you'd like a copy please message me here



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