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"Our planning meetings are providing a much-needed venue for getting the company on a sound strategic footing. I have been chatting with the President about this and want to relay his positive feedback on how the process is unfolding. He's definitely seeing value in these discussions and both he and I appreciate the style in which you are leading them, so thanks again. - March 2023, VP of Research & Development of early stage public pharma company

"I’m convinced that if you look up “pleasure to work with” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Rob. Rob is both an expert financial guide and a safe space to ask questions. As startup co-founders, my business partner and I came to Rob seeking advice on B2B SaaS business strategy and on the integrity of our financial model. Rob not only answered all of our questions, he also identified ways to improve our model so that it would hold up to the scrutiny of investors. And beyond that, he suggested how we could structure the model to be scenario-driven and adaptable to long-term business strategy. Rob has been an invaluable resource from day one! - February 2023, Co-Founder and Product Designer of B2B SaaS startup

"Rob's review of our financial model was really helpful with mighty generous suggestions for ways to improve the decision-making and storytelling aspects of the financial plan. The Finance Director and I came away fired up about things that we learned with the things you suggested creating explosions in our brains! Even (in a few days) since the discussion, we have done a lot of work that binds tightly with the ideas we talked about.  I feel really wound up about what lies immediately ahead. Lots of changes to make..." - July 2022, CEO of medical software startup. 

"Rob’s advice and mentorship during our preparation to partner with investors has been extremely helpful, concise, valuable and personalized. We felt immediate confidence in his credibility and knowledge, as if being given a mini MBA . He assisted us in perfecting our business plan and due diligence exchange of information to investors, along with explaining terms and conditions we did not understand. We walk away from our meetings saying…he is so SMART!" - October 2021, CEO AND founder of early-stage consumer products company.


"I felt something was lacking...until I met Rob and a shift happened from looking at business in a new light. ...I dropped all misperceptions about business, money, career and decided to understand what's going in this brain or mind. Four years later, feeling reborn, I decided to write about my realizations and wanted to bring Rob's perspective into a book I was writing. So he accepted and wrote a practice for one of the chapters. In our discussion, we look at how can entrepreneurs can use the techniques to bring coherence anf flow into their projects. Thank you Rob Pilz for this time together!!!" - June 2021, tech entrepreneur.

"I first became interested in what Rob provides through his blog post, "How I Would Build a Highly Conscious (Humanly Sustainable) Business".  It resonated deeply with me as an entrepreneur in the creative field, as I was already familiar with the fundamentals of the law of attraction and the belief that energetic creation precedes physical creation. Over the past six months, Rob’s support has been outstanding. During this time not only did I find out that the location of my business would need to change suddenly and rapidly but COVID has brought significant challenges as far as revenue is concerned.  Shifting gears to the realization that this is an excellent time to restructure my business energetically and to find the opportunities that lay ahead took some time.  However, it has been the principles and techniques that Rob has shared, especially around the creation of heart-based living and business,  the lenses of consciousness, and tuning in and using intuition for decisions (Zero Point Decision Making) that has made me feel confident in the future of my business as it transitions and pivots during this time of COVID." - September 2020, entrepreneur, professional artist, and owner of a large art studio.

"The effortless and graceful way to abundance is one of the many learnings I received working with Rob. After talking with Rob, I resonated with his energy and felt a mentor like Rob would hold me accountable to my objectives with impeccable honesty. Not only did I achieve a lot in our first few months, I experienced a shift of perspective that is priceless, allowing me to manifest my objectives and make them realities.  Through his knowledge, his energy, and his clear mind, I have learned to be in coherence and in alignment with Self. Business is an art too and Rob is truly gifted. Thank you for helping me level up and unlock my potential. An unforgettable partnership." - June 2018, entrepreneur, author, and designer of next-generation immersive experiences using VR, AR, and AI.

"Rob has a rare combination of high level and diverse skills in the business world while having gentle compassion and enthusiasm for a client's journey.  It's been advantageous to gain advice for both how to make strategic steps in my company as well as focusing on how my emotions, intuition, and mindset influence the flow of my business. I'm incredibly grateful for Rob's support and highly recommend him for entrepreneurs who are motivated by conscious business practices and who may be trepidatious in stepping into the unknown." – January 2018, wellness and blockchain entrepreneur.

"Rob Pilz has been an invaluable member of our team during the founding and early days of our biotech start-up.  Without Rob, the process would likely have derailed several times over.  He was tremendously helpful in the formation of our business strategy and just as importantly brought a discipline that drove the agenda and aligned disparate interests toward one common goal.  His knowledge of business is deep and broad and he is able to adapt quickly and effectively to the sometimes rapidly changing needs that are inevitable in company creation.   Put simply, without his help we would not be where we are today.  He is also a very empathetic and engaging team member and a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend him. " – June 2017, 30+ year Angel investor, founder and board member of multiple start-ups.

"Your view as CFO as a creative force really resonates with me. In fact, the big problem with the traditional financial view is that the idea of it often seems devoid of what the normal individual connects with as creative action. You are that connective tissue. I use the term "connective tissue" because it reflects the exact position we endeavor to represent in our emerging industry, but more importantly, it mirrors the personal energy you present to me. You are a bridge. One of the most truly illuminating and expansive expressions of human ingenuity. Because each construct, in fact, every bridge on the planet, is a truly unique structure. They may look similar but each must respond to environmental elements that only exist in its specific location. A CFO that understands and is not afraid to revel in the beauty of creativity that is business has the power to make the processes involved come alive - and as a result, becomes a catalyst for ongoing openly recognized and fully unapologetic creative action." – August 2016, CEO and co-founder of pre-launch startup.

"Rob Pilz is a leader with the rare capacity to bring a high degree of empathy to the chore of holding others accountable for delivering meaningful information and outcomes as a result of their efforts. The right mix of objectivity and soul, Rob gets the importance of brand building and values when guiding teams through the process of making difficult, strategic decisions. I am constantly impressed not just with his disciplined approach to problem-solving, but also with the patience he demonstrates when training others to rise to that same standard. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob as an advisor to any early-stage endeavour. Regardless of how good you are, he will make you better."  July 2016, 20+ year strategist and management consultant.

"In addition to his formidable skills and knowledge around corporate strategy, finance, and operations, Rob brings a significant amount of empathy to his client engagements. He continually "checks in" with his clients on both practical matters of the day and emotional well being. I can't say many business advisors take it to the degree that Rob does - in fact, I've never met anyone who brings "been there, done that, and I get it" like he does. Rob has combined his years of experience with penetrating insights into the "human" side of the equation, providing a fully-rounded service to his clients. After a conversation with Rob - despite the personal/business issues you may be having at the moment - you can't help but feel better." - June 2016, COO of client consumer products startup.

"Rob has extensive experience in a number of industries and a variety of company sizes. He is both highly detailed and top-level strategic which is a rare talent. He can dig into technology, sales, marketing, finance, and communications and add high value in a short period of time. He is enthusiastic and dynamic." - June 2016, Vice-President of Business Development of client biotechnology company, 20+ year business development executive of early-stage and Fortune 500 companies.

"Rob is a work horse and dogged at due diligence - really haven't seen anything like it. Extremely thorough and detailed. While extremely competent at finance, financial reporting etc, I engaged him twice for his strategic and operational insight, work ethic and ability to build relationships including with the target management team. VERY highly recommend him if you are looking for someone to be a team member for an M&A transaction." - June 2016, CEO of client clean technology company.

"Rob connected with us at a critical juncture in our company's evolution – the early venture days when small mistakes can easily balloon into big ones. Through helping us understand the energetic nature of not only people, but also ideas and businesses, we have been able to move our company ahead in an industry environment that is new, undefined, yet full of potential for an innovative company with the right vision and execution. Combining that energetic view of our business with strong, pragmatic financial and planning advice makes for an unusual and very effective capability that we have not encountered anywhere else. Rob is a true partner in our success, and we're thrilled to have him on our journey." – February 2016,  Co-Founders and Executives of client consumer products and services company.

“Thanks for sharing your strategic insights and providing your guidance as we navigate this critical phase. Doesn’t matter how many times you have success getting to this level of the venture build, it always feels daunting when you are actually at the precipice facing the prospect of delivering on what you’ve been talking about. Cool place to be. Even cooler if you are blessed to share that moment with epic support that keeps reminding you of both the power to manifest awesome moments and the spiritual safety net embodied by the act of sharing. Glad you are in this Rob.” – December 2015, Co-Founder and Managing Director of client consumer products and services company, 30+ years in senior business development, sales and marketing roles at Fortune 500 and startup companies.

We have been pleased to engage Rob to assist in planning as well as preparation and execution of our M&A activities.  Rob has handled the many unexpected twists and turns with professionalism, flexibility, creativity and responsiveness.  Not only able to facilitate and manage details with discipline, he has been a strong asset in articulating and implementing our business strategies. We have been happy to draw on his combination of skills and experience significantly improving our productivity and effectiveness, and delivering excellent value. Honest and forthright we can count on Rob to do what he says, to be thinking ahead and acting with initiative.” – November 2015, Director and audit committee chairman of client technology company; director and officer of public and private companies for over 30 years.


“As the CEO of two technology companies over the past twenty years, I had the pleasure and relief of engaging Rob both times. While Rob first brought the skill and experience of a CFO, it was his strategic planning expertise that added tremendous value – both times.  Not only were we able to work closely as a team at a high level driving strategic initiatives, Rob was equally capable of digging deep and grinding out the spreadsheets and detailed work needed to bind everything together. His value through the planning, due diligence and negotiation periods was best described by my current board which stated, 'We would be lost without him.'" – November 2015, CEO of client technology company; 20+ year CEO and director of public technology companies.

“I have worked with Rob on and off over various projects with our company during the last four years. In that time I have watched Rob straddle the divide between narrow-focused detailed work and broad strategic planning initiatives with remarkable ease. He happily does the heavy lifting as well as providing strong support to executive and board-level initiatives. If you have a vision or direction and a tight timeline, Rob is the guy who will bridge the gap to where you are planning to go.” – September 2015, Director of Business Development of client public technology company.




















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