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Trained by master trainers of Oliver Wight Consulting (the creators of Sales & Operations Planning, Integrated Business Planning and Materials Resource Planning), Gazelles, and working with EOS experts I've implemented tailored planning and management processes in a wide range of businesses - from Fortune 500s to startups; services and software to manufacturing. 


More information about some of the foundational principles can be found in the presentation to the right.  These promote empowerment by pushing down responsibility while also improving timely visibility of what matters to the leadership team. Total organizational effectiveness and efficiency are elevated through improved decision-making.

Additionally, I was trained by the HeartMath® Institute to teach and facilitate techniques that improve personal and organizational coherence and resilience

Combining coherence techniques with Integrated Business Planning principles results in optimized organizational health, performance, continuity of responsibilities, corporate governance, high growth capability, M&A preparedness, and ability to raise capital. 


Note: Double click on the center of the above slideshow to enlarge to full screen 

In my view, mastering the principles of coherence combined with those of IBP are fundamental to being a market leader, creating a humanly sustainable environment, and maximizing all elements of value in this time of accelerating change.






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