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"You can't play basketball without a backboard. You need someone to bounce ideas off...Only in a give-and-take atmosphere can ideas be refined and perfected." ~ Al Ries and Jack Trout, authors of Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind. 


It can be challenging to create the business you want while running the business you have.  As a hands-on fractional or interim CFO, or as an ongoing strategic partner in high-growth or major transformation situations, my background and methods allow me to provide greater versatility, and leverage than most consultants. Importantly, as your advisor and thinking partner, I help you consider new views, make optimal decisions and execute efficiently to maximize the value of your organization for all your stakeholders. 

The benefits of fractional CFO and project-oriented services:

The following hyperlink is to an article by Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures titled, "Bolster Your Management Team and Board." It describes the efficiencies and other benefits, particularly for early-stage growth businesses, of leveraging highly experienced and competent fractional CFO services as well as other executive services.


I'm energized and inspired by variety, and a range of challenges.  I enjoy working with fascinating purpose-driven leaders, and the satisfaction of our ripple effects in the world.


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