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Having led and managed the execution of a range of M&A transactions, I understand all elements of the process and the nuances that can prove costly to the inexperienced and rewarding to the wise.  Buying or selling a company is an involved time-consuming process, and how well that process is conducted will directly affect the perceived competency of the management team,  quality of the business and hence the value and future value of the business. Every interaction is important and every situation has its nuances in terms of creating engagement, timing, responsiveness, tone, form and quality of documentation and communication.


As a client's point person, I allow the CEO and rest of the management team to continue focusing on the execution of the business which is critical to maximizing value, and provide the capacity to maximize the probability of success of the deal and the net after-tax value to the shareholders. Importantly, I make the process of engaging the many advisors more efficient and effective for all. This is because over my career I have performed or supported all these functions internally from within real businesses. As a CFO in public and private companies three of which have been sold and a fourth quite possible, my approach was to put myself in the shoes of the investment banker, the lawyer, tax advisor, and the auditor.  With this attitude and solid experience I became proficient at providing what was needed to all and allowing everyone to focus on where they provided unique value.   


From creating and managing an appropriate data room (or evaluating one), developing sophisticated financial projections that credibly illustrate the greatest potential value, adding creativity to negotiations, ensuring a tight purchase contract and everything in between, I will add efficiency, credibility, and professionalism to the process. One top-ranked M&A lawyer following a deal we worked on together said, "This deal is now my textbook case study on how a transaction should go", and the owner sharing that "Rob's contribution added millions to the value of this deal".   






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Additionally, over the years I've personally created and gathered best-of-breed documents - teasers, corporate presentations, business plans, purchase agreements plus templates and models that will influence the perceived value of the business - contracts, employee and customer information, financial forecasts, sales funnel analyses, competitive analyses, product roadmap, professional-looking graphs, charts and more.


If you would like $ millions added to the net value of your deal then I invite you to contact me here.


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