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Would you like to be a step ahead in anticipating opportunities and material risks?....a phrase I like, is "seeing around corners"


What would it mean to you if the percentage of optimal decisions you and your organization make (both in content and timing) were to improve by just 10%, let alone 20% or 30%? A higher sales close rate? An increase in revenues? Easier more profitable clients and partners? Fewer crises and improved response? Greater productivity? Lower employee turnover? Even fewer deaths in some professions?  


The Zero Point Decision Making®  method creates the conditions and increases your capacity to be a high performing anticipatory leader.  ZPDM brings you into a state of coherence and optimal function cognitively, emotionally, and physiologically anywhere anytime. It helps invoke the parallel processing functions of your brain and body allowing you to access and integrate intuition and reason in clearly observable, measurable and scientifically supported ways.







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