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Additional examples of how to practically apply Zero Point Decision Making in business


In addition to the eBook, for those who want additional examples of Zero Point Decision MakingTM in advanced planning situations, I provide to clients EXCEPTIONAL POWER IN BUSINESS supplements according to individual needs and interests.  Each supplement contains step-by-step instructions for general business audiences then a section on how to apply Zero Point Decision Making to optimize and increase confidence in the results.   You can also find additional exceptional and free business templates here


eBook EXCEPTIONAL POWER IN BUSINESS: Intuition Allied With Reason Using Zero Point Decision MakingTM provides business leaders with a groundbreaking technology combining age-old wisdom with science and modern business paradigms - a way to do business with greater awareness in new and measurable ways.  In it I show you how to transcend the myriad of factors that negatively impact your decision-making abilities leveraging the use of both your left brain and right brain, heart and gut, reason and intuition, providing you with tools to help you be exceptional and powerful. You can read more here.



A fun and effective daily step program to develop the foundation that will bring you and your business into flow and make marketing simple, fun and easy. 


Exceptional Product Roadmap

Step-by-step instructions with examples on how to create a professional looking product and services roadmap that is integrated with competition analysis and sales funnel. 


Exceptional SWOT - Not Your Average SWOT Analysis

A significantly upgraded SWOT format which incorporates other models to improve analysis, action planning and follow-up. Together with detailed instructions and format, it includes a dynamic Excel bubble chart to visually communicate the issues and actions across 4 dimensions: importance, urgency, ability to influence and type (i.e. SWOT).






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