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Small Business Growth Team

The Small Business Growth Team consists of myself, Rob Pilz, and Dana Friesen, an accomplished company builder and business development expert.  Together, we have the needed experience and relationships to prepare a small but stalled business to have the capacity for growth, and then grow by accessing untapped demand for the business' products and services. 



Our Clients are:

  • Intuitive creative thinkers, open and intrigued by developing new ways of doing business,

  • Motivated by a clear life purpose and believe the path to business mastery is through personal mastery,

  • Leaders who have achieved success at a high level in one or more contexts, inside or outside of business,

  • Owners who have businesses that provide considerable value to society, are highly scalable and with possibility for rapid expansion; yet these businesses have stalled in their growth potential and are in need of assistance to move forward,

  • Enthusiastic and focused on developing and expanding the business having delegated (or are prepared to delegate) to others to oversee operations providing the capacity for growth,

  • Open to sharing wealth that is created together understanding how the flow of money truly works,

  • Share the confidence that by working togehter both they and us will each incrementally net at least $1M over the next 5 years with a long-term target of many times that. 


If you believe you and your business may qualify, you may submit a description of how yourself and your business meets the above criteria here and myself or Dana will respond to you promptly. 

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