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Whether designing your business optimally from the start for the best chance of success; preparing your business to be most attractive for sale; an owner wishing to spend less time in the office and more worry-free time enjoying other parts of life; or a CEO wishing to overcome bottlenecks and take the business to the next level, my planning methods and support will get you there with the greatest ease and speed.


I've been trained by experts in a wide variety of planning models and tools.  I'm skilled in implementing strategic planning, Integrated Business Planning, (Advanced S&OP), Lean Six Sigma, One Page Business Plan, Rockefeller Habits, Balanced Scorecard, Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), Exponential Organizations model (ExO) and more.  I've implemented these systems or combined elements of these methodologies to improve A wide range of employers' and clients' businesses.  


One of the ways I can serve you is by assessing your business then matching the strengths of these methodologies to your business needs and culture.  I will provide you with a staged and integrated planning system that will allow you to meet your goals and add the greatest net value to your business.





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My employers and clients have found me to be creative in meeting their planning needs providing significant improvements in key areas such as managing growth and cash flow, performance management, continuity of responsibilities, corporate governance, internal controls, M&A preparedness and ability to raise capital. 


My planning methods serve to push down responsibility while improving controls and visibility to the leadership team;  at the same time, organizational efficiency is increased through more effective decision-making.  


If you wish to learn more connect with me here.







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