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Much has recently been written about flow state, or "The Zone" of effortless creativity, in contexts ranging from adventure sports to business. The number of scientific studies on the causes and effects of flow state have risen exponentially and the benefits are so broad and compelling that leading companies like Google and Microsoft have launched major initiatives to increase the time that their people are in flow state. 


At the heart of the flow state is intuition. In fact the flow state is the same as the intuitive state only it is sustained for minutes to hours and through actions instead of just moments of quiet intuitive hunches.  I've created a powerful method that anyone can learn for accessing intuition on demand; where intuition works for you when you need it in a measurable way instead of it happening to you.  I further provide simple yet powerful tools to help business leaders take control and shift their people and businesses from burnout fight, flight or freeze states to conditions where actions flow effortlessly from one to the next and productivity, energy and happiness sky rocket. 





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Click here to read an excerpt from my upcoming book: EXCEPTIONAL POWER IN BUSINESS: Intuition Allied With Reason Using Zero Point Decision MakingTMContact me if you'd like more information or coaching including workbooks, training manuals and videos. 




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