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eXceptional POWER in business supplements


For those who want additional examples of applying Zero Point Decision MakingTM in complex or advanced planning situations, you can purchase the following eXceptional POWER in business supplements according to your individual needs and interests.  For each supplement you can choose a standard version for general audiences without reference to Zero Point Decision Making or one that includes a section on how to use Zero Point Decision Making to optimize and increase confidence in the results.   You can find additional exceptional and free business templates here


Begin With Your Personal Life Mission Statement

I believe that success in business is related to success in your personal life.    Like Jim Collins’ Hedgehog Concept, a personal life mission statement will allow you to attain piercing clarity about where to focus your efforts and then exercise the relentless discipline to say, ‘No thank you’ to opportunities that fall outside of it, thereby creating discerning focus to be successful in business and in life.


Exceptional Business Mission Statement

This worksheet contains two types of charts with supporting data tables which provide an attractive looking snapshot of your sales funnel at point in time.  If you wish to set yourself apart and create leverage in your finance and M&A discussions, an analysis is required of how deals have moved through the funnel over time.  This in turn requires disciplined use of a CRM by your sales team.  I can help you with this if you like.  


Exceptional Product Roadmap

Step-by-step instructions with examples on how to create a professional looking product and services roadmap that is integrated with competition analysis and sales funnel. 


Exceptional SWOT - Not Your Average SWOT Analysis

A significantly upgraded SWOT format which incorporates other models to improve analysis, action planning and follow-up. Together with detailed instructions and format, it includes a dynamic Excel bubble chart to visually communicate the issues and actions across 4 dimensions: importance, urgency, ability to influence and type (i.e. SWOT).






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