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I help those wishing to do business more consciously bridge from the old to the new to achieve real results in their business environments.


Business people on a spiritual or consciousness path may find that positive spiritual and energetic experiences can result in challenging and unforeseen consequences. This is because an additional understanding of how to bridge and manage powerful spiritual and energetic opening in the context of the business person's physical environment is required - an environment in which they've developed, over a lifetime, a complexity of compensating measures that have allowed them to excel or at least survive. 



Unlike many conscious business advisors, I am a corporate executive with an entrepreneurial back-ground and formal business education and training.  And over many years I’ve applied my intensive consciousness learnings in real life business situations daily, weekly, monthly…for many years. Compelled to help evolve business consciousness, I sought to understand the most current concepts, including business models like People, Planet, Profit; Conscious Capitalism and spiritual models being applied to business. However, I couldn't help but feel that there was still something important that was missing.


Many alternative healing practices involve energetically dealing with root emotional problems - things that for years remained buried and are now brought to the surface.  This generally occurs in layers, by context and involves the dissolution of the ego which unfortunately supports many, albeit unhealthy, patterns in business. Knowing how to replace these ego-based energetic patterns with healthy ones while not allowing the business to suffer can be a delicate process that should be well thought out.


Additionally, I see many struggling to navigate effectively combining the dense energies of business with the higher frequencies of spirituality.   Like many I tried bringing heart-based and consciousness practices to my business life but with limited and even poor results.  In recent years I’ve determined why and at the core I found its one simple, but not easy to address, concept that very people understand.  I’ve met a large number of well-intentioned spiritual teachers who are attempting to coach business leaders to do business more consciously…providing retreats, classes, and webinars on subjects ranging from heart meditations and kundalini yoga to psychedelics, Satsangs to shamanic ceremonies. Although these are often amazing spiritual practices (I've experienced them all) taught by well-intentioned and capable practitioners, in my experience connecting them blindly to business often achieves limited if not detrimental results in the physical. This is because there is the false assumption that by teaching these methods to people for integration into their business lives that they will become more clear, raise their vibration and simply become more effective.  However, I've found from my personal experience and witnessing my peers this is often not the case.  Unfortunately, most spiritual teachings only provide parts of the solution required for business. Although these parts on their own can aid in spiritual growth as well as provide other benefits, they can also result in a very bumpy ride in a business setting when one's perception of the world has been significantly altered. 


What is the missing part? I’ve found that it’s a clear understanding and awareness of energetics as well as the necessary energetic tools applied to real-life business situations.  Energy is what bridges spirit and matter and how this works is more complex and personalized than most understand.  Attempting to provide only spiritual tools to affect the world of business matter is missing a critical step. Only by considering the energetic implications and requirements of creating consciously in business can one achieve physical results that are also energetically integrous, safe, and reflect one’s spiritual intentions and values. 


After years of real-life study and application, I have begun to offer my insights and tools formally in concert with my more traditional business advisory services. I enjoy working together with talented spiritual teachers and their business clients such that their spiritual advancement also translates into positive progress in their business life.  If you wish to learn more or explore a possible fit please contact me here.


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