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What I do

Performance and culture-oriented, I'm passionate about contributing meaningfully to the missions of purpose-driven organizations.  As a chief financial officer and advisor, I find that I see and understand the connections that can translate money and other resources into real results. Growth, IPO, sale or acquisition, I bring insightful financial, governance and planning skills, often acting as a force multiplier to increase personal and organizational capacities to create real value.  New models and technologies are disrupting markets and organizational functions. I creatively help identify and address the root issues and greatest points of leverage so an organization can realize its full potential in a world of unprecedented change.  Acting as a catalyst and a reliable anchor, I help foster alignment with teammates to focus and grow organizations into their next level of success. Through Summit Sciences I provide CFO-related advise and services to their wide range of clients. I also help facilitate some of the programs, including the Peak Energy program that are gifted to organizations and coaches through Summit Giving.  I'm also a co-founder of Evolving Human, a conscious education, coaching and transformation initiative for progressive individuals and organizations.  



In executive positions in three Deloitte Technology Fast 50TM companies, all of which are going concerns today; as CFO of a recent promising biotech startup and as an entrepreneur, I've played key roles in the building of resilient businesses.  I've been part of high performing teams and led the transformation of fierce and challenging business environments. I use my learnings from these experiences in creating truly high performing cultures with my clients.  My direct experience includes: strategic and operational planning, corporate finance (IPO, public and private, cross-border), mergers and acquisitions, partnering, project management, human resources, accounting, and audit. In over 12 years as a CFO of private and public companies, I executed a wide range of financings with various types of investors and lenders, and negotiated deals with world-class companies. As a partner to CEOs, I've provided strategic and operational guidance in the areas of: therapeutic drug development; medical devices, functional food and beverages, multi-sided platforms, international cannabis cultivation; clean energy storage; clean waste processing; computer gaming; toys; environmental building supplies; mobile communications platform and environmentally friendly commercial cleaning solutions. 




I received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in finance from the University of British Columbia, a Chartered Professional Accountant designation and am professionally trained in project management, Lean Six Sigma, HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience, the Hoffman Quadrinity (resilience) Process® and the Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process.   I'm grateful to have been mentored in best-of-breed practices in many areas by leaders in their fields. And after years of mastering the old rules of business, I'm enjoying evolving them with progressive organizations who have visions for a world based on interconnection and collaboration. In combining my traditional business training with outside-the-box disruptive thinking, models and technologies, I create exceptional results for all stakeholders. 



My values include unconditional positive regard, discernment, curiosity and contribution.  I appreciate those I get to work and create with; relish learning, evolving and helping others to do so; spending time daily in nature inthe forest and on the water, a wide range of performance practices...mostly I enjoy seeing what happens next. 


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