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Business people exploring spirituality and consciousness may find that alternative healing, psychedelic or various spiritual experiences can result in unforeseen consequences. This is because an additional understanding of how to bridge and manage such explorations in the context of the business person's environment is required - an unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, fierce energetic environment in which they've developed, over a lifetime, a complexity of compensating measures that have allowed them to excel or at least survive. 


Different from many advisors who are also wishing to influence more conscious business ways of doing business, I am a corporate executive with an entrepreneurial background and formal business education and training.  And I’ve applied my intensive consciousness learnings in real business situations daily, weekly, monthly…first-hand for years. What I learned is that most spiritually-oriented and heart-based business teachings only provide parts of the solution required. Although these parts on their own can aid in personal growth as well as provide other benefits, they can also result in a very 'bumpy ride' in business without considering other factors. 


After years of real-life study and application, I have begun to offer my insights and tools in concert with my other services. I invite you to contact me if you might like help in bridging spirituality and business. 


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