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Minds Are Not Capable Of KNOWING…But WE Are

Think about all the decisions people agonize over back and forth in their minds. A relative of mine recently spent 15 minutes debating which flower pot to buy; or there's the guy at the frozen yogurt place who is making people wait because he can’t decide between white chocolate macadamia, snickerdoodle, or a combination of the 14 other flavours. And it seems the older we get the worse it gets…Watch a little kid when faced with the same ice cream dilemma – they generally know exactly what they want and nothing is getting in their way. It’s not because they are smarter…it’s because they just ‘know’. This is because they are still listening to their bodies and tapped into their intuition…in this way they actually know more than most adults do. Knowing something actually does not require any mental capacity… it’s actually about having ‘no mind’ as Zen Buddhists and highly trained martial artists call it. The more ‘educated’ we become, the more we tend to become mind-centric the less we truly know. Knowing only comes by way of intuition…the mind can only guess, and guessing is NOT intuition. What is the answer? Stop thinking. The mind is one tool – use it for what is designed – to perform research, analyze, plan and execute but not to decide things. Most of us go around using our minds to try to resolve everything…like a kid with a hammer hammering everything, fixing very little and wrecking a lot. To truly know something we have to tap into our intuition just like when we were kids. Everyone has the ability because we naturally had it before…before our minds were filled with programming and distractions disguised as important information causing them to slow down like a full hard drive that needs de-fragging…one just has to remember.

About Rob Pilz

A financial and business creative, I am energized by building and optimizing progressive businesses. With a talent for creating business leverage, my current passion is making businesses both humanly sustainable and high performing. Always looking for ways to improve the odds of business success I’ve developed a process combining reason and intuition to make better faster decisions that I call Zero Point Decision Making®. I welcome your questions or comments through my website

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