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We Are All Bridges

Two intelligent and brilliantly expressive business associates acted as bridges for me one day recently. Ross initiated a discussion that bridged me to the idea I’d been searching for regarding the positioning of my services – the idea of the “CFO as a Creative”, commenting that my value lay in how I uniquely helped bridge my clients across a variety of dimensions of uncertainty…beyond just the financial. Later in the day as part of an email exchange with Adam, I asked what he thought about this, and he wrote, “You are a bridge (for us). One of the most truly illuminating and expansive expressions of human ingenuity. Because each construct, in fact, every bridge on the planet, is a truly unique structure. They may look similar but each must respond to environmental elements that only exist in its specific location. Someone who understands that and is unafraid to revel in the beauty of creativity that is business has the power to make the processes involved come alive - and as a result becomes a catalyst for ongoing openly recognized and fully unapologetic creative action.

I thought to myself that both Ross and Adam’s comments are wonderful descriptions of us all! In whichever ways and to whomever we serve, we are all creatives…and we are all bridges. Their insightful prose inspired me and caused me to reflect further on how I serve as a creative to bridge uncertainty and for whom – creatively helping entrepreneurs bridge ideas to execution, complexity to simplicity, consciousness and business, reason and intuition, and performance and health.

Perhaps Ross and Adam’s insights can also act as a bridge for you? How are you a creative? How and for whom are you serving as a bridge helping them to cross divides or to connect ideas, concepts or to people in some way? This is where we find and know ourselves, our humanity, our purpose and our joy as “illuminating and expansive expressions of human ingenuity.”

About Rob Pilz

A financial and business creative, I enjoy building and optimizing businesses. With a talent as a simplifier and multiplier, I'm passionate about creating methodologies for building high performing and humanly sustainable businesses. Always looking for ways to improve the odds of business success I’ve developed a decision optimizing process combining reason and intuition to that I call Zero Point Decision Making®. I welcome your questions comments or interest at my website or to my email address at

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