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Reduce Stress and Improve Flow by Riding The Wave

I find that the success of businesses is related to how well business leaders ride the wave or in Jim Morrison’s case ‘ride the snake’. Doors singer, Jim Morrison, described his peyote trips as ‘riding the snake’, singing “If you show fear, the snake will destroy you. But if you trust the snake, he'll take us to the lake. Ride the snake ” This is also a great metaphor for the highs and lows of life - the low points of fear and stress in response to our brains’ false perceptions of the world; the high points perhaps too high, caffeinating ourselves to deal with the world but disconnected from our purpose; the balance points where we are in balance internally and externally…trusting and in flow.

When people are struggling in a situation it is often because they are under stress. Stress literally makes people stupid cutting them off from their higher brain functions resulting in poor fight or flight -based decision-making. They are under stress because they are resisting (versus accepting) their circumstances, attempting to force results…not in flow. When they accept their situation in the present moment there is no stress.

One way to achieve such acceptance and presence is to imagine that you have an energetic wave (if you prefer the snake metaphor then use it) that you can surf. Recognize that everyone and everything else has their own wave as well. You can either be in synch with your own wave and also your wave in synch with those of others, reinforcing and making each other stronger and larger. Or you and the waves may not be in synch interfering with and crashing into each other losing energy and momentum. You can feel this with people who are in flow together or alternatively rubbing each other wrong at every turn draining each other of energy. When you bring your awareness to your heart and feel into your wave at any moment in time, does it feel like you are surfing it? Perhaps you feel below it being tumbled in the undertow with debris? Or above it not benefiting from the ease of being carried by its momentum? Regularly tuning into where you feel you are relative to your wave brings your mind and your body immediately into the present. It automatically leads you to accept and then adjust to your circumstances not giving the ego the chance to create a story that takes you even further from the optimal position on your wave. If you feel you are not surfing your wave then bring your awareness to your heart or gut and raise or lower yourself energetically much like a scuba diver raises or lowers their depth in water by altering their buoyancy. Check-in and adjust yourself regularly and you’ll be surfing life and business with much greater ease, grace and speed.

If you found this post interesting and would like more information on energetic surfing, flow state and intuition in business or to talk about conscious business, I welcome you to contact me at my website, email address or phone numbers below.

About Rob Pilz

A trusted financial executive and advisor to leaders in business with over 20 years experience in building and healthy business environments, as well as optimizing, financing, purchasing and selling businesses ranging from Fortune 500‘s to Delloite’s Technology Fast 50TM. With a talent for bringing out the best in leaders and an expertise in creating leverage / power in business, my current passion is building a network of conscious leaders generating a virtuous cycle of positive change and wealth. Always looking for ways to improve the odds of business success I’ve developed a process combining reason and intuition to make better faster decisions that I call Zero Point Decision MakingTM. I welcome your questions or comments at my website, to my email address at or phone U.S. 646-480-0507, Canada 604-722-5361.

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