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Create Business Leverage by Strengthening and Aligning the Skeleton of Your Business

One’s skeleton creates the structure from which the rest of the body hangs determining its ability to function well. From the alignment of joints, tendons, and ligaments that facilitate efficient physical movement to the optimal positioning and functioning of our organs, the alignment of our body's structure is extremely important. For example, I have learned and experienced that misaligned physical structure can change the position of the stomach and intestines and can negatively affect digestion and aborption of food, thereby negatively impacting overall health and energy. Similarly, the functioning of a business is highly dependent on the correct alignment of it's core structural elements - vision, mission, values, and brand promise. These are the skeleton of a business and without proper alignment, the operations of a business can become stuck, painful and ineffective.

Getting a business structure aligned need not be a long energy-draining exercise but rather can be more like a few visits to a good business chiropractor or osteopath. There are a number of planning tools that, in the hands of an experienced business advisor, can help an entrepreneur with limited time and resources ensure that his or her business is aligned for success. If your business is not running well and are feeling overwhelmed, take a good look at the skeleton of your business. Just like a getting your body aligned by a good chiropractor or osteopath can create optimal conditions for a healthy athletic body, so can getting your business aligned prepare your business to achieve optimum operating results.

If you'd like to learn more about strategic planning and aligning your business to improve your business success I welcome you to contact me at the email address or phone number below.

Written By Rob Pilz © Copyright December 6, 2013 Revelation Business Solutions Ltd.

About Rob Pilz

A senior executive, including former CFO, of public and private companies, I have more than 20 years experience building, optimizing and financing businesses ranging from Fortune 500‘s to Delloite’s Technology Fast 50TM. With a talent for bringing out the best in leaders and an expertise in creating leverage, my current passion is building a network of highly conscious leaders generating a virtuous cycle of positive change and wealth. I am constantly looking for ways to improve the odds of business success and have developed a process combining mind, heart and gut to make better faster decisions that I call Zero Point Decision MakingTM. I welcome your questions or comments to my email address at or phone 646-480-0507.

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