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Create Business Leverage By Releasing Your Judgments

Judgments create blinders and blockages to innovation. Judgment is a powerful negative force – you can feel it when you’re expressing your thoughts to someone – the difference between someone listening to you openly and neutrally from their heart versus closed and judging from only their mind is palpable.

If you or your your business is stuck, one factor may be your areas of judgment and I believe that until you let them go, you will be restricted from making progress in relation to those areas. By judgments, I don’t mean discernment, passion or having high standards, I mean strong opinions as to whether something is good or bad, right or wrong expressed as facts.

For example, I’ve met people who own health food businesses where their strong judgments about whether certain foods are “healthy” or not” (i.e. “good or bad”) were motivators for starting their businesses. This was often the case because they believed they had healed themselves with “healthy eating” and now want to share it with the world (however, my personal experience tells me that it is judgments, beliefs and associated guilt around food rather than the food itself that actually causes problems). Although judgments about food may have been a strong motivation for starting a health food business, these same judgments are also likely to be the downfall of the business. Instead of creating or selling certain foods because of a personal judgment as to whether a food is “good" or "bad”, perhaps they could consider helping to improve the well-being of others by showing them how to eat the best food for them based listening to what their bodies need in the moment.

Steps for Releasing Judgments:

1. Clearly identifying and describing the judgment is the first step.

2. The second is identifying the source - often judgments come from programming earlier in life. For example when you were young did someone you trust teach you that certain foods were “poison”? Or perhaps there is an association between certain foods and being criticized (e.g. by an overbearing parent at the dinner table).

3. The third step is to apply one of many correction techniques - there are many, its a matter of choosing what you are in alignment with. If you need help, feel free to contact me and I can suggest options and practitioners.

The way to be an agent of change is to let go of judgments for discernment and be like the trickster described by Lewis Hyde in his book “The Gift”, with a mind that is prepared for the unprepared, that has the ability to hold ideas lightly…to see the contradictions, thereby letting room in for new ideas all the while maintaining poise.

If you'd like to learn more about how to open up opportunities and improve your business success I welcome you to contact me at the email address or phone number below.

Written By Rob Pilz © Copyright December 6, 2013 Rev. Mar.24, 2015 Revelation Business Solutions Ltd.

About Rob Pilz

A senior executive, including former CFO, of public and private companies, I have more than 20 years experience building, optimizing and financing businesses ranging from Fortune 500‘s to Delloite’s Technology Fast 50TM. With a talent for bringing out the best in leaders and an expertise in creating leverage, my current passion is building a network of highly conscious leaders generating a virtuous cycle of positive change and wealth. I am constantly looking for ways to improve the odds of business success and have developed a process combining mind, heart and gut to make better faster decisions that I call Zero Point Decision MakingTM. I welcome your questions or comments to my email address at or phone 646-480-0507.

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